EUsalt General Assembly 2018

EUsalt holds its General Assembly 2018 in Basel, Switzerland from 7 to 9 March 2018. It is the networking event focusing to share developments and insights on salt, salt production technologies, services, innovation as well as best practices in salt production.

The programme, focuses on best practices exchange in different fields and with different technology or service providers providing discussions amongst the salt experts and industries on topics like e.g. de-icing and winter maintenance services, Safety-education not only at workplace but also in private life, efficient solution mining, efficient logistics, storage & traceability, marketing and sales, symbiosis with other business that can be developed on sites, sharing practices, biodiversity and nutrition & health. If you have an expertise in one of the above-listed topics, and you would like to be part of the presenters to share the insights and expertise, please contact EUsalt at